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Annual conference at Lighthouse Golf & SPA

Annual conference at Lighthouse Golf & SPA

 On 9th of September Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association held its Annual conference at Lighthouse Golf &  SPA Hotel, Balchik. A record number of 53 members, speakers and guests attended. There was a wide range of people representing 9 countries. The international group had the opportunity to play golf the day before on 8th of September and everyone was enjoying the fruitful evening for which the great hospitality of the hosts contributed much.

The Conference was opened by Yavor Atanasov, Chairman of the Association. He shared last two years experience BGGA went through and how difficult it was for the industry. But definitely the interest in the Association becomes bigger from new sponsors and members.

The first speaker for the day was Olaf Bos from Barenbrug. He showed how the company he represents is working in favour of the turf industry trying to help out to fight with the challenges. Poa annua battle is always though and some of the members definitely had new ideas after the speech.

Next in row was Tedodor Dentchev (Toro Company) to introduce the new technologies on the market and innovations in the industry recently. The audience became excited from the presentation. The eager discussions that followed proved the high interest in this hot topic.

The coffee break after brought many disccusions but the guys were eager to come back in the room for the next speakers – Stuart Tate and Gundars Vietnieks from Rain Bird. The practical experience they offered to the members and guests were highly valued. It proves that knowledge is vital for growing in the turf industry.

Daniel Jones and Andy Matthews took the lead after, representing TurfCare – one of the many new sponsors joining the Association. The new technologies in moisture measuring in combination with very promising wetting agent results showed a hint for the future – water saving management.

Group photo was taken after the first half of the day and before the lovely lunch held in the hotel restaurant. F&B manager made his best to impress the guest of Lighthouse Resort.

Knowing how tough is to bring people together after lunch Russell Riley (Sustane) made an exceptional work and grab the attention of the audience from the first minute. He intrigued with the unique products offered by his company and already available on the Bulgarian market.

Anamaria Lazar from Oxy Gazon was the next presenter. She made her second appearance this year in front of the members representing the biggest turf producer in Romania. She also showed know-how technologies in grassroofs and made everyone familiar with OxyTurf technology.

It was hard to imagine that FEGGA executive officer (Dean Cleaver) would be out of the scene. Been already part of the BGGA family group for many years he is very well recognized before the event and eagerly expected. He gave the update on greenkeepers industry as well with some great FEGGA initiatives. He also presented the new draft EU regulation for pesticide free world of use. Many thoughts came after as expected.

After the last coffee break it was time for Indigrow to come on the stage. The company was represented by Valentin Varbanov (AvaPark) – the dealer for Indigrow for Bulgaria. He showed in an interesting way the company products and emphasized on the new technologies used in their unique products.

Unfortunately the next speaker Vladimir Petrov (Tech Sport Bulgaria) missed his flight and we could not enjoy his presentation.

The conference continued with Liran Yaniv presenting the American company Hunter Irrigation .He was happy to share his knowledge and introduce the new technologies of the company in front of the audience. Many questions raised up during the presentation which proved the members were still on the toe even in the end of the day.

In the end it was time for the traditional certificates of the attendance for everyone and the Chairman thanked the audience for the great venue everyone made together.

Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association set very high standards with this passing event. It was very well accepted and highly attended. The feedback was very positive and definitely encourages the board members to keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,
Yavor Atanasov


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