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Hosted by Kristianstad’s Golf Club, Sweden 2022

Supporting the Development of our Future
Course Managers
I was born in Spain and studied agronomy on an academy level, both in Spain and in England. After that, my objective was to get as much and as varied experience as possible on greenkeeping.
For me, the FEGGA scholarship programme was the best possible opportunity to learn from some of the best professionals in this industry: golf architects, irrigation designers, landscape designers, construction companies, workshop technicians and golf courses superintendents from all around the world.
We spent a year working in 4 different high-end golf courses: working hard but improving ourselves every day. It had an enormous impact on all my career, started from the very basic greenkeeping level, until today.

As an ex FEGGA scholarship student, I cannot recommend the programme strongly enough.
Thank you FEGGA
Alejandro Reyes
Director of Agronomy – TAS
Director of Agronomy – Marco Simone Golf & Country Club
Welcome to Kristianstad’s Golf Club
My career to date has spanned over 31 years and I have been fortunate that this fantastic business has enabled me to travel over the world and meet with some fantastic people and seen some of the world’s best Golf Courses.
With experience gained from working and managing over 40 professional tournaments, it is now time for me to pass on this knowledge to the next generations of turf managers.
The world of golf is constantly changing. Grassed sports surfaces over the last 30 years have improved without measure and with Golf – we the Greenkeepers are the driving force behind this.
The position of a Course Manager/Superintendent is vital in making sure standards are always being bettered. Not only for our guest experiences, but also playing surfaces, environment, working environment, health and safety and education.
This course designed by FEGGA and we at Kristianstad’s Golf Club is to help educate and ‘make ready’ the next generation of Golf Course Managers. The training providers will offer a fully comprehensive overview of our profession, and all are the leaders in this your chosen industry.
The Sportsturf Maintenance Company GmbH is once again pleased to be associated with the FEGGA scholarship programme for 2021.
STMC GmbH director Alan Lindsay has directly benefited from taking part in the program in 2007/2008 in Polaris World in Spain on the construction, grow-in and maintenance of the Nicklaus projects.
As well as learning so much more about the job from a practical point of view and completing the PDA in Golf Course Management Alan met a lot of influential people from within the Greenkeeping industry. This program is designed to help future golf course managers to learn at a top-class facility and take part in top class seminars which will help guide the students to become more effective in their futures.
For us as a company this is a pay it forward opportunity and give the same opportunities to future managers as we were given in the past.
If you are reading this brochure it already shows you are taking the first steps to advancing your career, so don’t be afraid of the challenges, it’s the challenges that make us better.
Alan Lindsay is available to talk on a one to one basis if you wish to know the benefits of taking this challenge on. or 0031615042902
I look forward to meeting you at Kristianstad’s Golf Club.
Introduction to the Programme
One major aspect of FEGGA’s work is providing opportunities for aspiring Greenkeepers to help develop and advance their careers. This opportunity at Kristianstad’s Golf Club provides a unique opportunity combining valuable work experience within a very experienced team led by Bevan Tattersall, coupled with an educational programme touching all aspects of Turf Management. FEGGA are delighted to partner Kristianstad’s Golf Club in making this exciting programme available to aspiring Greenkeepers throughout Europe.
Do you want a career in Golf Course Management?
Careers in Golf Course Management have become increasingly popular and as a result more education courses have become available which will enhance the individuals. The challenge is finding suitable practical Greenkeeping work experience to complement this formal education.
FEGGA in association with Kristianstad’s Golf Club in Sweden have put together what we believe is the perfect opportunity for a greenkeeper to gain practical experience along with a well-structured lecture programme that will have a long-term benefit to any Greenkeeper at the end of the six-month programme.
Based in the idyllic and historic seaside village of Åhus, Kristianstad’s Golf Club is one of Sweden and Europe’s finest golf complexes. On this 36-hole club major investment has taken place since the course was privately purchased several years ago. A total renovation of its East Course was completed in 2017. A total renovation of its West course was completed in June 2021 a ‘state of the art’ new Maintenance facility was opened in 2019, and resort houses and sports centre were opened in 2020. Plans for the coming two years are to firstly host the second Creekhouse Ladies Open, on the Ladies European Tour/LPGA Tour, and to build a new Clubhouse facility.
Kristianstad’s Golf Club is the 5th oldest club in Sweden, first founded in 1924. The Club prides itself on quality and service and strives to produce the best playing surfaces for its members, guests and tournament golf.
If your CV is lacking in Tournament preparation, this may just be the course you cannot miss.
A unique 6 months’ Work Experience Scholarship Programme
The Scholarship programme for the second-year running will be based in Åhus, south Sweden Located at one of Europe’s premium golf facilities, Kristianstad’s Golf Club.
Each student will gain exceptional experience at Kristianstad’s GC, working with some of the most qualified people and companies in the industry. The unique experience you will receive blends day to day course management and the lecture programmes held weekly throughout the 6 months. This ‘one off’ FEGGA programme is the only one in Europe and covers all aspects of Golf. Throughout this exciting six months you will be overlooked by KGK Greenkeeping Management Team, led by Bevan Tattersall.
Programme information
During the 6 months starting 11th April 2022, you the student will have a structured programme of lectures which will relate to the work experience you will receive ‘on course’. The type of experience gained during the education programme will be all aspects of Golf, including – Course Design, Course Maintenance, Machinery, Golf Operations, Tournament Management and Tournament Set Up, Budgeting, Health & Safety, Personal Development, to name just a few.
This unique opportunity will also give you the student the chance to gain experience working at a Ladies European tournament. In June 2022 Kristianstad’s Golf Club will play host to the ‘Creekhouse Ladies Open’ on the East Course as part of the Ladies European Tour.
We will also as part of the programme, provide other valuable site visits which will allow you further learning and development opportunities.
The lecture programme will be endorsed by both FEGGA and Kristianstad’s Golf Club and each student will receive a Certificate of Excellence on completion of the programme that concludes on the 12th October 2022.
2021 FEGGA Greenkeeping Scholarship Students
FEGGA Excellence in Greenkeeper Programme
Course Maintenance
Course set up
Golf Course Design and Construction
Human Resources
Machinery Maintenance including grinding
Machinery replacement and planning
Tournament Management, including set-up and experience
Golf Operations
Site visits
Swedish/European Golf
Project Planning
Personal Development
FEGGA Excellence in Greenkeeper Programme Training Providers
Kristianstad’s Golf Club
The Sportsturf Maintenance Company GmbH
Scandinavian Premium Turf
John Deere
Pierre Fulke
Joakim Haeggman
Malmö Football Club
Swedish Greenkeepers Association
Swedish Golf Federation
The Foley Company
Ulf Nilsson
Gary Smith, Agronomist STRI
David Nelson (Nelson & Vecchio)
Capillary Concrete
Frank Newberry
The important Information
There are only 8 places available for the 2022 programme.
Each candidate needs to be available from the 11th April until 12th October 2022.
Applications must be made directly to Dean Cleaver, Executive Officer, FEGGA. To Please enclose your cv with application
• Each candidate will be paid a rate of 14 euros per hour, based on a 45-hour week, 6 days out of 7. Overtime is available at the same hourly rate.
• Candidates will be employed via The Sportsturf Maintenance Company, and not FEGGA or Kristianstad’s Golf Club
• Travel allowance of 150 euro’s will be provided.
• Housing is provided by Kristianstad’s Golf Club and available at a highly subsidised rate of 200 euro’s per month.
• The house is 3,5 km from the Club. A car would be beneficial but not essential. Free loan of bicycles is available from the Golf Club.
• Each Candidate will have their own bedroom, with use of a communal kitchen, living room, dining room and toilets and showers. You will also enjoy a large garden with wooden decking area with furniture and BBQ.
• All clothing and PPE will be supplied by Kristianstad’s Golf Club.
• Training will be organised by FEGGA, Kristianstad’s Golf Club and The Sportsturf Maintenance Company Gmbh and conducted during your working week.
• Each candidate MUST be a member of a National Greenkeeper Association which are one of the 23 Member Associations of FEGGA if they are to be considered for the programme.
We look forward to receiving your application…….

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